The Ruth Hayward Masonic Fund

This fund was established by funds entrusted to the Urbana Masonic Lodge by the Ruth Hayward Estate to be used expressly for the benefit of the elderly in Champaign County. The needs of the elderly are a continuing concern for the directors of the fund and the Ruth Hayward Fund will be there to address those needs.

The Ruth Hayward Masonic Fund for the elderly is established to assist the elderly of Champaign County in meeting their basic daily living needs. These basic needs include, but are not limited to the following: food, clothing, medical, rehabilitation services, housing structure, utilities, and other services as requested and appropriate. Qualified individuals and or organizations may be awarded cash grants to meet these basic needs.

The Board of Directors will determine the application, selection and awarding of these financial grants. A qualified individual is a person 60 years of age or older. A qualified organization is a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) entity providing any or all basic daily need services to individuals who are 60 years of age or older.

Proudly we can say that the total dollar amount we have funded over the years far surpases the original endowment of $2.2 Million. We have actually funded senior programs totalling over $3 Million, with our eyes on the future.

Past Recipients

Abbeyfield Society of Saint Joseph
Alzheimers Association
Champaign Country Ageless Solutions
Champaign Country Developmental Services
Champaign Country Elder Care
Champaign Country Family Service Home Care
Champaign Country Family Service Tele Care Social
Champaign Country Safety Net
Champaign Country Senior Repair
Champaign Country Senior Transportation
Champaign County Counciling and Advocacy
Cumberland Assoc. Senior Programs
Faith In Action
Food For Seniors
Health Watch
Hope for Children
Illinois Voluntary Mgt. Program
Meals on Wheels
Peace Meal
Radio Reader
Red Cross
S.A.L.T. & Light
Senior Assistance Funds
The Salvation Army